The Brain Simulation Platform

"Live Papers"

The "Live Papers" of the Human Brain Project Brain Simulation Platform are interactive documents that refer to recently published scientific articles whose content is related to the work, tools and services publicly available on the Platform. Interactivity is the unique feature of the "Live Papers": specific links on the documents will allow you to download, visualize or simulate data, models and results presented in the articles.

By clicking on the paper link, the "Live Paper" will be opened on a different tab of you browser window. By clicking on the HBP icon , you will open, instead, the document inside the HBP Collaboratory workspace -Collab- that the authors have created for the article to collect additional comments, data or tools they may want to share*.

* Some of the tools used in the "Live Papers" and the article Collabs require an account on the HBP Collaboratory platform. If you do not have an account yet and are willing to get one, please send us an email to bsp-support [AT]