Predict protein interaction surface with the ARDOCK server

Scientific Purposes

ArDock is a structural bioinformatics web server for the prediction and the visualization of potential interaction regions at protein surfaces. Many biological function rely on the formation of protein-protein complexes. The identification protein interaction region is therefore of critical interest for our understanding of biology. The service is accessible through a web interface, both for submission and the reporting of results.

How it works ?

ArDock ranks the surface residues of a protein according to their tendency to form interfaces in a set of predefined docking experiments between the query protein and a set of arbitrary protein probes. The ArDock methodology is derived from large scale cross-docking studies where it was observed that randomly chosen proteins tend to dock in a non-random way at protein surfaces. This method is implemented on a computational cluster, where docking calculations run in parallel and results are aggregated and returned to the web client.


  • A protein structure in PDB format
  • Tokens obtained in previous analysis can be given to the server to restore their results


  • Interactive and 3D vizualisation of the results on the protein structure
  • Interactive scoreboard of the protein residue scores
  • Result files available for download in CSV and PDB formats

Targeted audience

All scientists working in biology related areas where protein study is relevant with a focus on structural biologists and biochemists.

Additional resources